Dandruff Vinegar Rinse

Dandruff Vinegar Rinse

Giving your scalp a dandruff vinegar rinse is one of the most effective home remedies for dandruff relief. This is because vinegar promotes the circulation of blood in the skin. It is also very effective in fighting viruses, yeast and bacteria which are the most common causes of dandruff. A vinegar dandruff rinse also brings about relief from dandruff symptoms such as flaky dandruff and itchy scalp. The two most common types of vinegar that are used in fighting dandruff include apple cedar and white vinegar.

Using a dandruff vinegar rinse as a home remedy is very simple. For mild cases, you are only required to mix some vinegar (enough to make the water change in color) with some warm water. For severe dandruff cases, you can make the mixture a bit stronger by using more vinegar.

Gently use the mixture by rubbing it on your sculp. Use your fingers-not your finger nails- to perform a circular motion massage on your scalp. Using your finger nails might end up causing more damage to your skin and hair. Leave the vinegar solution on your scalp for at least 15 minutes but you can give it more time (a few hours) depending on the severity of your dandruffs as well as the strength of the vinegar solution.

If the mixture is mild, leaving it overnight would produce the best results. Just wrap your scalp with a towel after applying the vinegar rub in order to protect your pillow from vinegar stains as well as prevent the solution from evaporating.

After giving the mixture enough time to work on you scalp, you can then rinse it off using a non-medicated shampoo. For a stronger vinegar solution, ensure that you don’t leave it on your scalp for more than an hour. A vinegar dandruff rinse can provide immediate relief from dandruff. However, for more effective and long lasting relief, it s advisable to have a vinegar dandruff rinse on a daily basis for a period of two weeks. Also ensure that you rinse your scalp with mild shampoo after every treatment.

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